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Interview details
Date: May 3, 2015
Time: From 18: 00 to 20:00
Place: in the e-reading room
Interviewer: Luo Li and Zhou Xinyu

Interviewee: Wang Miao, a junior student of the School of Literature, Journalism& Communication, majors in News. With her excellent performance, she was once selected as outstanding student and Probationary member of the Party of our school. She also participates in a variety of activities on and off campus, including National University Students Three Rural Areas activities (全国优秀大学生三下乡活动)and internship in OPPO. Lots of prizes were gained as well, such as the third name in the National College Students’ Advertising Art Competition. In addtion, She had got somewhere in science and research field and published a bunch of reports on several province or nation level magazines. One of her deep report concerning with low rate of bicycle use in Wuhan had been published in a national grade magazine named Global Business.

A warm girl rather than a stereotypical top student
When I saw Wang Miao for the first time, she was absorbed into her textbooks in electronic reading room. Several full-words-covered papers piled on the desk in front of the computer, her eyes were fixed on the screen with surroundings in deep silence, as if she was the only one in the world at that time. Wang was not pretentious like most students who made a first-class achievement in every academic-concering respect. On the contrary, she was so approachable that she made an active coorperation with our interview and gave us a bunch of suggestions to polish our interview draft as a professional student majoring in journalism. The girl with medium long straight hair, big shiny eyes, small mouth and flawless white skin, weairng such a warm smile all the time that bring the whole picture into peace and tenderness. When we called her as “greasy grind”, she was so surprised and explained that she was just an ordinary student in this university. Even though, her solid persistence and unremitting efforts utterly deserve the title.

Her College Life
No one was born to win
There were two kinds of brilliant students. One was very mischievous when they were young until he grew older, while another behaved ruly all along from childhood to university. Wang was just like the latter. There seemed to be no ups and downs in her life. “I didn’t enjoy making practical jokes on others when I was young. To be honest, I just lived the life I yearned for and I always got high marks in most kinds of examinations, especially in math, getting full marks was not a problem for me.” Nevertheless, there was no perfect man in the world. Wanghad a poor performance in English at early times. But everything changed when she joined in Chengxi Spoken English to practice her speaking skills and pronunciation. By taking part in varying competitions and accomplishing her study attentively, all her efforts paid off handsomely, now she had reached the standard of exchanging conversations fluently with foreigners. “I am becoming better”, Wang said happily. “Was there any other event acted as turning point in your college life?” “Well, I would have to appreciate it that joining News Net had benefited me a lot. It  broaden my horizons greatly, although brought me a tight schedule at the same time, I never regretted making the decision to be a member of it. The following changes that make me better are almost all from it. Besides there had I met with my goddess Guo Yanli, a super nice senior colleague. Until now, I still like her so much!” As a student majoring in Journalism, if some classes and textbooks enriched her theory knowledge, the News Net would be readily to set a stage for her to combine theory with practice. She benefited a lot from this period, which has a clearly explantion in her articles published on some famous magzines in the following days.


Her time management
When it comes to successful men, people would take it for granted that they always try their best to squeeze time and run their feet off burying themselves in their work, there is no exception for Wang Miao. Nevertheless, she told us that rather than squeeze it, she would like to make good use of the given time and she was preferable to combine recreations with education due to its function of improving work efficiency and offering lots of fun simultaneously. Moreover, she shared her experience on her vocations with us that she found a job in a company so as to have a better command of her major both in theory and in practice. In addition, she thought if any of us didn’t reconcile ourselves to fail behind others, we’d better don’t slack even on holidays. Just as the old saying went, “ no one stood still, if you were not moving ahead, you were failing behind”. Having heard what she said, maybe we eventually understood what her tricks were to achieve such great success.

An unforgettable experience
“As long as you had ever experienced a competition in person, any little special attachment to it couldn’t escape from your mind.” ,Wang Miao said when she recalled her experience, among which, what impressed her most was the National College Students’ Advertising Art Competition that totally was a coincidence for her. Because at the very beginning, she had no intention to participate in it on account of her professional mismatch. Later on, with the proposal put forward by her friends, they constituted a team which contained four people but each of whom came from different places to prepare for the competition. In the course of the competition, there were numerous setbacks lying in front of them. the fundamental problem derived from the inconvenience of communication. Instead of talking to each other to share their novel ideas face to face, they relied on the computer to exchange opinions. Every time their instructor checked their work and gave them some suggestions, one would write them down and then transmitted the information to the others, namely, they had to pay twice as much efforts as other competitors. What’s worse, when the deadline of handing in the work was drawing near, one of their partners disappeared from the scene, all their plans therefore broke down in a sudden. Faced with such an emergent situation, they all shocked and didn’t know how to deal with it. Not having enough time to explore the reason why the one did like that, the rest were consistent with the fulfilling of their work. “Thanks to their perseverance that contributed to their final success.” Wang Miao told us, “Even though they had only five hours for a rest at the tough period, anyway they stuck it out eventually.”

Her Dreams and Future Plans
Anyone who knows Wang Miao will regard her as an entreprenant person and was full of ambitions. When asked about her dreams, she told us sincerely that she once dreamed of being a medium player partly due to the fact that the job was related to her major. However, when she had a chance to put her dreams into practice, she realized the way to be a medium player seemed not suitable for her. Therefore, having taken all conditions into consideration, she had a further plan which was something at present she couldn’t explain in an explicit way. But one thing was sure that she would finish her study and continue to get a higher degree because as far as she was concerned, a person equipped with more skills will gain more choices in the future. “I am still not very certain what I am really eager to do, but I believe in a saying which acts as chicken soap for the soul on recent Internet, ‘if your talent is not strong enough to hold your ambition, the only thing you can do is to proceed to struggle.’” What’s more, she said that she enjoyed the fun of learning and the process of exploration. If there was a chance of being admitted to a better school to feel its atmosphere of study and research, she would undoubtedly spare no efforts to get the admission. “I never dream at day, I never have illusions about what the future was holding for me, I just keep going ahead and keep the rhythm with my heart.” Follow your heart, providing we had recognized our hearts. Wang Miao was a model by our side, which proved that campus life was meant to be extraordinary as long as stick to your outlook on life and values. It was high time that woke up your heart.

Her Sincere Suggestions
In the end, Wang Miao gave her sincere suggestions to us all. From what she had experienced, she considered it was not what we did once in a while but what we did day in and day out that made a difference. Sometimes life might be tough for us, but as long as we kept our heads up and stuck with great perseverance, the sunshine would always be in store for us. What’s more, in her eyes, even though the university was almost a paradise where we could do whatever we like in contrast of in high school to some extent, we should make full use of our college year and make it realize its value. After all, each of us did have only one chance to experience the wonderful college life. Furthermore, she emphasized the importance that we should show our ture color without hesitation and strive for our original goal. Only in this way, could we have no regrets when we looked back on our college life. Last but not least, she showed her inner thoughts that we all should attach great significance to study, which is an efficient and enduring approach to enrich our minds and broaden our horizon. Most importantly, it is never too late to get your cruise in the ocean of knowledge started.


Editor: Chen Shuwen Source: English Net

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