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Persist in Your Dreams & Properly Allocate Your Time
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A Brief introduction

Liu Zifeng, whose name derived from a legend, is a sunshine and sincere boy form School of Foreign Languages in SCUN. He told us that in Fengcheng, Shanxi Province, there existed a precious sword giving off purple lights. It blessed the local residents, making Fengcheng a good place to live and it was considered as the sovereign treasure. This was all about the legend of Purple Lights in Fengcheng. When Liu was born twenty years ago, his parents named him Liu Zifeng according to the legend, hoping he would make great contributions to the country after growing up.

Liu is a junior. He has obtained many scholarships and prizes. In the first two years of college, he won the professional first-class scholarship of School of Foreign Languages twice. In September 2011, he got the National Scholarship and the title of Merit Student. In May 2011, he won the third prize in the Hubei Canglong Cup English-Chinese Debating Competition. And in May 2012, he gained the second prize of the Huazhong District in the 16th CNP National English Debating Competition and was regarded as the best debater in the 3rd IDEA China Open Debating Competition.

Study, the most important thing

Most freshmen enter the university with their dreams, expecting to live a full and wonderful college life in these four years. However, only few can really make it. Liu Zifeng is one of those few students. When first stepping into the SCUN, Liu had already found the direction to his own college road. “When I was a freshman, I have planned to take part in the postgraduate entrance examinations. In the following three years, I shall go along that road more steadfastly and make that aim deeply rooted in my mind!” said Liu Zifeng. Now as a junior, different from many other students who also plan to have the exam, he isn’t taking the related training courses. Instead, he still attends his professional courses as usual. “Preparing for the postgraduate entrance examinations is just the process of self-reviewing. You don’t need to spend so much time doing that. The test questions are just related to the knowledge you have learned. Therefore, what I insist to do is to do well in my professional courses.” said Liu.

When asked about why he chose English as his major, he said determinedly, “I love English, so I chose English without hesitation.” He couldn’t simply use words to express his deep love for English but showed all his enthusiasm by what he had done. In his resume, all sorts of prizes and honors were really admiring. However, he regarded those honors as nothing. He was always modest about what he had achieved, saying a little bit shyly to us, “In fact, everyone can achieve those honors, which is not that hard as imagined. As long as we take everything seriously and work hard, we are able to be proficient in studies. The key point is that learning is the most important thing and it should be the focus at any time.

Of course, the study road is not always smooth but is full of obstacles. In Liu’s opinion, whenever we come across difficult problems, we are supposed to consult our teachers, who are knowledgeable and more experienced. But at the same time, self-study is equally necessary. We must learn to study alone, not depending on others to smooth the way for us all the time. Our own strength is the most valuable. Just by this kind of tough spirit and perseverance, he ranked the first in his major for two years.

Although at present he has put into agenda his plan of taking the postgraduate exams, he is intending to get a doctor’s degree. When asked about his career outlook, he said: “I don’t desire for too much money and power but just want to live a happy and peaceful life with my family.”

Activities, taking part in actively

Successful as Liu Zifeng is in his study, he is never a bookworm. “When I was a freshman, I only joined 2 associations. There was so many clubs to choose, you may feel that you’d like to join every club. But it is impossible. So we need to step into our own shoes and make judgments. Only by picking out what we are truly interested in, can we take an active part in them instead of wasting time or even being irresponsible for the clubs.” said Liu Zifeng.

What’s more, he actively participates in all kinds activities and competitions and made many proud achievements: In May 2011, he won the third prize in the Hubei Canglong Cup English-Chinese Debating Competition; In May 2012, he gained the second prize of the Huazhong District in the 16th CNP National English Debating Competition and was regarded as the best debater in the 3rd IDEA China Open Debating Competition. However, in his eyes everything had been gone and he would look forward. The real purpose that he participated in the competitions was to make himself get more chances of practicing his abilities, broadening his horizons and digging the potency in himself. “By participating in these activities, I’ve learned a lot. Not only did I acquire professional knowledge, but also my horizons broadened.”

But for most students, they were puzzled about how to keep a balance between study and activities. As time and energy are limited, how to distribute them between study and activities is a really difficult thing. Luckily, he gave us a suggestion: every club has its fixed time to organize the activities and you need to support it. After finishing, you can choose to study in the evening which is more beneficial for thinking due to the quiet atmosphere.

Whereas no one is perfect, so is Liu Zifeng. He also has troubling things. “PE is my weak subject. Judging from my shape, you can know I have no talents for sports, so I am not good at it. I could narrowly finish the 1500-meter run with the time ignored.” he smiled. Through both his proud accomplishments and his weak spots, we strongly felt this young guy’s honesty and sincerity.

Free time, enrich himself

Liu Zifeng’s life is not only limited in the campus. He is a boy with a wide rage of interests and hobbies. On his Renren, we saw lots of his photos taken in Wuhan, Chongqing and Sichuan. And he remarked, “I indeed love traveling. Now in this city Wuhan, whenever I am free, I will hang out anywhere. It is no exaggeration that I have nearly visited all the places of interest in Wuchang. You will learn different customs and cultures by travelling. Experiencing them by yourself must be much better than just seeing on the magazines.” While being all out in beautiful and quiet nature, our hearts will be purified. Then, the hustle and turbidity in the world will go far away from you, so you feel rather relaxed without any worries. This sort of magic power deeply attracts everyone to travel, which may be one of the reasons why Liu Zifeng loves being close to nature.

Besides travelling, he is also intrigued by movies. “Watching movies is a spiritual enjoyment. Usually I prefer foreign movies. I always have my own cup of tea. Besides, I like going to the cinema to enjoy movies instead of watching online. In the cinema, the acoustics is so good that it makes me feel that I am in the movie, thus enjoying every minute of it. Of course, it is worth the cost!” he said.

In addition, reading serves as another pastime of him, “We are supposed to read what we are really interested in. I prefer novels in particular.” He disagreed that students should be forced to read the masterworks that they are not interested in.

When asked if he had any secrets about making friends and keeping good friendship, he smiled and told us, “I don’t think there are the so-called secrets. Friendship needs developing. If you treat others with the sincerity from the bottom of your heart, he will reward you with sincerity too. There is no shortcut to be taken. As friends, you should help each other and face difficulties together.” He stressed that people need to be of tolerance, which makes us strong-minded. He claimed to be seldom angry with anything. Even though he might be sometimes a little irritated, he would remind himself to be calm. “It’s normal that there are disagreements or contradictions among friends. What counts is how you deal with that. Trying to be considerate and understanding is important. Being angry or arguing with your friends is more likely to make your friendship broken. Never be angry, it is not worth.”

Cherish your youth in colleges and there will be no regret in your real life. During the past three years in college, Liu Zifeng has been using his actions to illuminate his understanding of college life.

In the end, Liu Zifeng gave us more suggestions. He advised that whenever you feel at sea, just recall your inner dreams. Only by persisting in your dreams can you finally realize them and live your life to the fullest.


(Editor: Deng Yi    Source: English Net)

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