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The Closing Ceremony--Rainy Day Cannot Dampen the Enthusiasm
Author:Zhao Ran&Song Qiong Release time:2014-11-17 Browse the number:

On the afternoon of November 8th, 2014, held on the South Lake Stadium, the Closing Ceremony of the 29th Sports Meeting was blossomed with brilliance in the rain. Rainy as it was, the sports field was still crowed with excited people. Secretary of the Party Committee Chen Dayun, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and President Li jinlin, and Vice Presidents Lei Zhenyang, Li Junjie, Zhao Xiaoshan,Yang Shengcai were invited to be present at the Closing Ceremony.


In such a rainy day, crowded with so many audience, teachers’50 metres shuttle running deeply appealed to people. It also marked the end of all sport events.As the final whistle sounded, the curtain descended on the 29th School Sports Meeting. And then, Vice president Li Junjie announced the beginning of the Closing Ceremony and the ranking list we were conncerned about most.


The result came that the School of Management ranked first in the total score again.It was the champion for three times in succession.The School of Chemistry and Materials Science followed and the School of Electronics and Information Engineering got the third place.


Last but not least, schools mentioned above were awarded by the leaders, which push the atmosphere to a climax. And a wonderful speech stressing the importance of sports was delivered. It also appeal to us to bring the spirit of sports to our daily life, to pass on the great virtues and showed thanks to all the stuff devoted a lot to the sports meeting.


After the host put the Closing Ceremony to an end, cheering still went on. This is the sports spirit that competition makes us more unity. The Sports Meeting gets a perfect come-off, but its spirits still goes on.


At 17:00, the Closing Ceremony of the 29th Sports Meeting was brought to an end successfully with thunderous applause and loud scream.


(Editor: Li Meng Source: English Net)