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An Interesting Game-- Hands and Feet Connected
Author:Kong Yue Release time:2015-01-06 Browse the number:

At 8:30 on December 12th, the game-- hands and feet connected organized by the Student Union of the School of Foreign Languages started with the students’ acclaim.

The game was aimed to catch a glimpse of the college students. In addition, it reminded college students to cultivate teamwork spirit and made them aware of the significance of competitive consciousness. So, it can be concluded that the game was beneficial to call on students to build up excellent physical and psychological quality, which is essential for both one’s cooperation spirit and further development.

There were nine teams of students who all came from different classes of SFL participating in this wonderful game. Each team consists of ten members including two boys and eight girls, besides, every three teams were divided into one group to compete. Therefore, there were three groups of students in total.

Before the referee whistled, each group of students stood in a row and took out their roles or small clothes that they prepared to tight the adjacent students’ legs. What’s more, in order to be faster, they put the hands on the shoulders of adjacent classmates.

The game started the instant the referee whistled and shouted “Begin!” Then, every group of competitors were absorbed in it and tried their best to team up with each other to rush to the finish line. However, owing to the reason that their legs were tight together, anxious as they were, they had no alternative but move at a snail’s pace to keep themselves from falling down and getting injured. Finally, Japanese class 2 who managed to trot to the finish line took the first place with an ideal grade--8 seconds. And the English class 3 ranked the second with 11 seconds.


(Editor: Li Meng Source: English Net)