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In order to offer the freshmen a relatively scientific instruction of daily routine, a lecture on how to manage your future career was addressed by Pan Hongfei, an officer from the Department of Enrollment and Employment, on November 27th in the Academic Hall.


Present as the guests were Han Wensi, the counsellor of the freshmen of the School of Electronics and Information Engineering (SEIE), Zhang Peng, the vice secretary of the Party committee of SEIE. Additionally, more than 400 students from SEIE attended the lecture, which crowded the hall.


After Pan put a short welcome mat to everyone present, the lecture’s curtain rose as scheduled at 16:00 sharp. Simply introducing himself, who was also a graduate from South Central University for Nationalities and furthered his study at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Pan left a deep impression on most of the students by his humorous expressions and his humility. Pan always made interactions with students, putting forward questions to the listeners. Therefore, the lecture went smoothly and was full of laughter together with applause. The question “do you know what kinds of qualifications were needed if you want to achieve your targets after graduation” he put forward threw those confused student into deep thoughts. Additionally, they together played a puzzle game where everyone tried their best to memorize all the pictures, following some complicated questions from Pan. At the beginning, no one made it. However after Pan told the next question he would ask at first, almost everyone answered it briskly. Pan explained that only in the way that you knew what you need to do next step and made adequate preparations for it could you accomplish it with ease.


Liu Qiang and Qin Min, who were once in Chongqing University as excellent exchange-students, gave their advice on how to be the top in university according to their own experience, getting a standing ovation and thunderous applause.


When the lecture was drawing its curtain, Pan said: “By the way, only when you stop being sidetracked by other insignificant things can you be wholly committed to your business. I hope all of you with sufficient plans will have a bright future.” Then the lecture came to an end at about 17:30.


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