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"Monkey King” Came Here
Author:Guo Yanfei Release time:2015-04-07 Browse the number:


On December 23rd, 18:30, SCUN welcomed the distinguished artist of CCTV, Zhang Jinlai, whose magnum opus named Journey to the Wes t have witnessed the memory of a whole generation in China. People have been accustomed to hairy Monkey King though, the makeup discharged “Monkey King” has really gained him massive and enduring popularity among students.



Zhang Jinlai, whose stage name is“six younger children”, totally spent 17 years during the early days of founding a state acting as Monkey King in Journey to the West, a TV play series shooting according to one of four major Chinese classical novels written by Shi Naian, and remained a colorful painting in art field of new China. Because of the long shooting time, he won Guinness World Records. Now, the character “Monkey King” that he acted had been so classical that nobody could ever surpass.



Even though the speech managed to start at 18:30 on that day, the long queue had already lined up outside the Auditorium at around 15:00. Actually, it could be seen clearly that from Optical Valley Gallery to the Auditorium, the road was flooded with students while the staff were keeping order. “I prefer to meet our‘Monkey King’face to face even in the expenditure of skipping dinner!” a student said. Most of them had made the same decisions.Undoubtedly, the students who desire to see the‘Monkey King’in person were all mad with joy.



The moment Zhang presented at the stage, audience burst out applauding and screaming. As if the atmosphere was maintaining a climax from the beginning to the end! Especially when Zhang’s show time came, it was so amazing that a personcould be such like a monkey both in behaviors and expressions! The whole speech lasted nearly 3 hours. During the speechZhang made a metaphor that China was like a beggar with a golden bowl and could become prosperous by taking full advantage of Chinese culture. To our delight, a Monkey King Memorial Hall was being established in Shanghai at that time, aiming at using our own culture but not foreign culture to create profits and strengthening competitiveness of Chinese culture. Finally, the speech ended with book sale and autograph session, which enjoyed great popularity as well.



Zhang turns 55 years old this year. May the great artist can stick to spreading Chinese culture, and watch out his own health condition as well. Monkey King will never grow old in audiences’ hearts.


(Editor: Li Meng Source: English Net)